Your Children Are The Priority For You And Us

At Hoppes & Cutrer, we understand how important your children are to you. There is no doubt that when your children are the subject, it raises the stakes in a legal matter.

Our job as your attorneys is to use our years of experience and expertise as certified family law specialists in Texas to help you find the best solution possible in matters involving:

Child custody and visitation: We will help you protect your rights and develop a parenting plan that works for your family’s unique schedule and needs.
Modifying custody or parenting arrangements: When your child’s needs have changed or a parent does not abide by the terms of an arrangement, we can help you request or challenge a modification.
Child support orders: We provide assistance with child support orders, whether you need to obtain, modify or enforce an order.
Establishing the paternity of a child: We represent fathers and mothers in contested and uncontested paternity hearings.
Grandparents’ rights: Grandparents who want to enforce visitation or obtain custody of a child can work with us to understand their rights.

Sometimes parents and families need help working through the emotions and trauma of a divorce in order to resolve parenting issues in Tarrant County. We can also guide you to resources such as counseling, parenting coordinators and access facilitation to help you through the process.

Call our office in Hurst at 817-283-3999 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with a lawyer.